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What Should I Know Before I Start

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What Should I Know Before I Start

While buying and owning pet jellyfish is certainly a very rewarding hobby, it is not for everyone. There are a few things that every potential owner should know before starting on this adventure. Unlike other aquarium fish, jellyfish are wild creatures and this is something that must be understood. You will not be able to provide them with an environment as large and free-moving as the sea, but you will have to create an aquarium that mimics this as best as possible.

Another crucial thing to understand is that the gelatinous shape and consistency that makes jellyfish so fascinating also makes them exceptionally delicate. Even simply netting jellyfish from the water can hurt their fragile exteriors and can harm or kill them. Pet ownership should never be harmful to the pet, and taking the time to understand just how fragile these small creatures are is imperative.

Some of the most important things to consider are your tank design and contents. While your ideal setup will be discussed in greater detail later in this book, it is important to address a few issues here. If you are serious about owning and keeping jellyfish, it is crucial that you let go of all of your previous knowledge of fish ownership.

While tank decorations may sound exciting and can add a great decor to your aquarium, they are simply not an option with jellyfish. Jellyfish are composed of 95% water, meaning that they are remarkably fragile. Light contact with an aquarium decoration is all that it can take to severely harm or kill your new pets. Because of this, you will have to rely on the jellyfish themselves to provide the decor for your tank. In addition to castles and the like, gravel, rocks, and plants are also unsafe to place in a tank with your jellyfish. Ideally, all that will be inside your tank is water and jellyfish.

It is also important to pay special attention to the aquarium itself. It has already been mentioned that corners can cause severe damage to your pets, but your filters and suction can do the same. If your jelly comes into contact with the suction area in your tank, he will die rather quickly. There are aquarium setups that can help to avoid this entirely, but special care must be made when creating a jellyfish safe aquarium. Your aquarium must also provide a constant flow of water in order to keep the jellies suspended and afloat.

With these things said, keeping jellyfish can be very rewarding. The glowing fish are certainly conversation pieces when placed in any room and they can be great fun to watch and enjoy. Your jellies can provide you with hours of entertainment, provided that you are willing to care for them properly.

Chapter Summary

If you understand the importance of maintaining a safe and pristine environment for your jellyfish and are willing to invest the time, money, and patience required to do so, then this hobby may be just right for you. Understanding the needs and requirements of any pet is crucial to their health and happiness. Once you realize how fragile these small creatures are, it becomes clear just what is required in order to truly care for them.

The next chapter of this book will help you understand more about jellyfish aquariums. From what to purchase to how to set it up so that it is jellyfish safe, you will find everything you need to know to get your new aquarium started. Jellyfish require a great deal more effort than most fish, but for an individual who is truly committed to raising them, the rewards are certainly great.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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