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Urinating On Jellyfish Sting

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Urinating On Jellyfish Sting

Jellyfish are majestic looking creatures which swim in the waters all over the world. There are thousands of different jellyfish species and some of these pack a nasty sting which can be fatal if you are stung by a box jellyfish. Jellyfish stings can cause swelling, irritation, itching, burning and general pain and discomfort around the affected area. So what action should you take in order to treat the jellyfish sting?

There is a very common misconception that the quickest and easiest way to ease the pain of a jellyfish sting is to urinate on the sting. This myth became more popular and believed after it was aired on an episode of the popular American sitcom television show "Friends" where a character named Monica was stung by a jellyfish and her friend then urinated on it resulting in much hilarity and also relief from the symptoms which arose from the sting.

The reason a jellyfish sting is painful is because small nematocysts which are stinging cells are located on the tentacles of the jellyfish. These cells release venom into the victims' skin immediately upon contact and continue to do so in intervals. For a remedy to be successful it must be able to deactivate these cells, urine does not do this. One known fact is that urinating on a jellyfish sting may actually increase the pain rather than relieve the victim from it.

The reason most people swear by using vinegar as a treatment for jellyfish stings is because the vinegar acts as an inhibitor for the nematocysts and does so because it is acidic. Urine on the other hand is only weakly if at all acidic in nature and does not have the potency and strength to stop the stinging. Urine contains water, salts and electrolytes and other waste products that the body no longer requires. Not only is it ineffective to use urine on a jellyfish sting it is also excessively unhygienic especially if it is not your own urine that is used on your skin. There are still many people though who truly believe that using urine on a jellyfish sting is both effective and convenient, most of these people have never actually tried it and are more than likely to learn from experience when they do become the victims of a jellyfish sting.

With the warmer months approaching the jellyfish tend to become more frequent and their numbers increase as more and more swarms approach out popular swimming spots such as beaches. It is during these warmer months that swimmers tend to frequent the water more in order to cool down and have some fun in the sun and with the higher numbers of both swimmers and jellyfish in the waters comes the higher frequency of people and jellyfish interacting with one another and people being stung. When a person is stung by a jellyfish it is important that medical attention is sought immediately if the victim shows signs of respiratory or cardiac distress or any signs of an allergic reaction.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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