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Urinate On Jellyfish Sting

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Urinate On Jellyfish Sting

In waters all throughout the world there are more than likely at least a few jellyfish floating around. Jellyfish have the potential to sting swimmers and may cause a undeniable amount of irritation, pain and discomfort and some stings may cause death but these deaths are limited to a particular species of jellyfish. The jellyfish may cause a burning sensation at the sting site so do not be alarmed as this is a perfectly normal experience to have.

One theory for treating a jellyfish sting is that you should urinate on the sting or pour urine from some source onto the sting site. This theory though is not very accurate and doctors say that peeing on a sting affected area of the skin will not do much if anything at all to relieve the after effects of the sting and it isn't the most hygienic thing to do either. To date, urine has not been proven to help treat jellyfish stings by any scientific measures. It is also said that urinating on a jellyfish sting may actually make the situation even more painful rather than providing relief which it is claimed to do. Urine may actually aggravate the stinging tentacles and cause them to release even more venom which means that this claimed cure is in fact nothing but pure fiction.

Urine contains salts and also electrolytes as well as many other things from the body and whilst many people state that this must be a helpful thing they must take into consideration the fact that the levels of salts and other compounds will differ amongst people and also constantly change. If the person has drank plenty of fluids and the urine is rather diluted then the urine will be quite similar to freshwater which is a know agitator of jellyfish tentacles and is known to cause the stinging cells to be released. There is not medical recommendation that can be found at this point in time where it is stated that urinating or applying urine to a jellyfish sting is a good course of action to take where as there is plenty of documentation which advises against the practice.

When considering this one must also think of the other aspects of urinating on a jellyfish sting. Not only may it make the situation worse and cause more pain and discomfort but there are other health issues related with using this method. If it is not your own urine then just how safe is it to use another person's? There are many diseases and bacteria and health issues which may arise as a direct consequence of having some ones urine used on your sting as a treatment method.

The best treatment for true jellyfish stings is still considered to be vinegar which is readily available and inexpensive and has been proven to be effective. This should not be used on Portuguese man of war stings though; these creatures look very alike to jellyfish but have darker tentacles.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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