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Shopping for a Jellyfish Aquarium

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Shopping for a Jellyfish Aquarium

If you're intending to keep jellyfish as pets then you need to make your decisions on the species which you intend on keeping as pets. According to their size and needs you will need a specific aquarium.

For a jellyfish like Cassiopeia, you don't need anything too complicated. A large aquarium that is well wit and doesn't have a filter will work all right. It does need an air driven or pump driven water flow. The bodies of Aurelia, however, are graceful and large but since it is a pelagic jelly, it is made for open sea. It is poorly adapted for like within a tank. Similarly there are other species that are too delicate to be occupied in a home aquarium, but there are plenty of hardy species of jellyfish that you can easily maintain in a tank if you set it up to meet their specific needs.

There are two options you can take when choosing an aquarium for your jellyfish, depending on the time and money you can afford to spend on the setup, how large the jellyfish are and how sensitive they are to their surroundings.

The first option you can go with is to buy a regular hexagonal tank in which you can include a large sponge filter. The larger the filter is, the more the suction of flow will diffuse through it. The sponge filter has an under gravel uplift tube that covers the airline as well as the rising bubbles. If the bubbles escape, they can get into the medusa while it swims and trap them on top or damage them.

This plastic uplift tube needs to end just above the water surface so that if any water moves up the tube through bubbles is sent back in the tank. This breaks the surface tension in the tank and also helps keep it aerated. It will also help push any jellyfish that are on the surface down into the tank.

You can run bubbles up through this tube at the best speed in order to get a gentle turnover in the tank. It needs to eliminate the risk of sucking your jellyfish into the filter, so make sure the speed is ideal but especially slow.

The second type of tank you can buy is more complicated and quite expensive, but the one that has the best success rate when it comes to keeping jellyfish in an aquarium. This is a special tank called a kriesel that is designed in such a way that your jellies will be suspended in the water all day.

They are large, circular tanks and are basically made up of a ring sealed using two flat glass panes. An opening runs along one side of the ring, and this opening is where water is piped through using a thin tube. There is also a small overflow that lets excess water drop over the edge and into a reservoir down at the bottom. A small pump is available that delivers this excess water back to the tank.

A kriesel tank can maintain this flow of water constantly and causes a swirling motion in the tank that makes the jellies go towards the middle of the tank. This way they are kept from settling outside the water column or getting trapped in any nooks or crannies of the tank. You can learn more about jellyfish aquariums here.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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