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Satava Jellyfish

Richard Satava is the creator of the famous Satava Jellyfish sculptures. He first introduced the method of glassblowing in 1969 when he was studying at the Ocean High School in California. Subsequently, he studied art as well as glassblowing at the California State University and College of San Mateo. In 1977, he began his own glass studio named Satava Art Glass.

His creations are mostly based on natural scenes and themes. Though he started first with the nouveau technique, which was the most famous technique at that time, he later developed his own styles. His Mount Shasta and Harvest Moon series became very popular at that time. Sometime after, he created wonderful floral lines as well as creations based on the USA Native drawings.

A few years later, in 1990, he focused on oceanic beauties. The Moon Jellyfish is one of his best creations during that time. He regularly visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium and studied about jellyfish and their amazing backgrounds. His inspiration took him to a new dimension where he decided to create jellyfish in glass. Through much hardships and experiments, he finally succeeded to create colors that match with the translucent appearance of jellyfish. In 1995, he was ready to display this wonderful series of artworks to the World.

Satava's Moon Jellyfish came to the zenith of popularity before long becoming most sought after jellyfish creations to the date. He usually uses inherited techniques to make designs in his hand blown glass bowls, vases, vials, paperweights and sculptures. Satava adoringly uses colors such as brilliant red, metallic blacks, rich blues, aquatic blues and greens for his creations.

His jellyfish creations are priced from $255 to $810 and they are in many sizes. The tallest one is about seven inches while the smallest is about four and half inches. They are all unique creations that are worth more than their price tags and they are at present displayed worldwide.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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