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Oceans all over the world are infested with jellyfish, which poses a great threat to bathers, swimmers, paddlers, scuba divers, in fact, for all beachgoers.

Jellyfish existed even before the age of dinosaurs. There are about 15,000 known species of jellyfish in varying sizes, inhabiting the oceans of this planet. Some are even found in fresh water rivers and lakes.

The tentacles of jellyfish have millions of stinging cells or capsules, which have tubules and shafts to inject poison. When the tentacles come into contact with bare human skin, the stinging process is activated. High pressure is built up inside the cell and the shaft of the tentacle drills a hole in the skin. The poison is injected into the skin through the tubule.

The effects of jellyfish sting may be as mild as redness, rash and pain or as severe as anaphylaxis, which may result in death of the victim. There are a few proven methods to restrict the damage in case of jellyfish sting.
  • As anaphylactic shock may cause drowning, the victims of jellyfish sting are advised to get out of water immediately.
  • The nematocysts or the stinging cells should be inactivated to stop further injection of poison.
  • Remove the remaining tentacles stuck on the victim's skin using tweezers.
  • If the sting attack is serious, medical care should be sought without delay. Antivenin is administered in case of anaphylaxis.
  • Rescuers should take care to avoid being stung during the rescue operation. Barrier clothing is the best option.
  • Rubbing and cleaning the area with fresh water, urine, ammonia and alcohol may worsen the situation. Salt water and vinegar are the best alternatives.
  • Meat tenderizer is helpful in removing nematocysts.
  • Hot water bath or shower neutralizes stings. However, if the victim has hypothermia, it is not advisable.
  • Applying ice will help to stop the poison from spreading. Baking soda with water is good to remove the venom from the affected area.

As the jellyfish attack occurs unawares without any warning, it is difficult to prevent it. To stay away from sea for fear of the attack is also not a viable option. In this scenario, Safe Sea Lotion is a boon for beachgoers.

Safe Sea Lotion is a protective lotion for jellyfish stings. It is waterproof and ideal to use while engaging in water sports like swimming, paddling and scuba diving. It also offers sunscreen protection.

Safe Sea Lotion helps prevent jellyfish stings by chemically paralyzing the stinging process and rendering the jellyfish inactive. The slithery make-up of the lotion prevents the tentacles from attaching itself to the victim's skin. The chemicals in the lotion reduce the pressure formed in the cells, thus reducing the damage. The lotion absorbs the skin secretions and prevents the jellyfish from sensing human presence. All these help in reducing the severity of the sting.

With Safe Sea Lotion, it is perfectly possible to enjoy swimming in the sea without bothering about jellyfish stings.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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