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Purchase jellyfish, Purchasing jellyfish for your aquarium

Purchase jellyfish, Purchasing jellyfish for your aquarium picture

Purchase Jellyfish

May it be a large aquarium or a small fish tank jellyfish have become the latest fashion. Their soothing and mesmerizing movements make them a living and breathing work of art. There are three types of Jellyfish tanks - Pseudokreisel or the rectangular shaped tank, Kreisel or the circular shaped tank, or the cylinder tank, these tanks are specifically built to cater to the specific complicated needs of the jellyfish. The most common type of jellyfish that are in captivity is the Atlantic Sea Nettle and the Blue jellyfish, mainly because they are in extinction.

You will need to consider a few things when opting for a jellyfish aquarium at home. Later in this article I will take you through some steps to identify how you can get your jellyfish to your aquarium. You will also need a specific system to keep them alive. Also, very important you will need planktonic food.

Jellyfish are not easy to maintain. You should only try it if you are really into it, in other words an advanced hobbyist. Of course public aquariums and academic type people are more capable of keeping jellyfish and raising them. But, I have to say that there are some people who are learning to perfect the art themselves. Here are some things that you have to consider when purchasing Jellyfish.

First, you have to indentify the type of jellyfish by the environment that they are in. It is very difficult to keep Salt Water jellyfish alive outside the natural environment that they were built for. It is a very important option to consider because most Jellyfish live only in salt water. Although very rare, you can also find fresh water jellyfish.

Next you can go searching on the web. Opt for sites like the marine center and other sites which will help you get an extra edge in buying these rare species. These sites will help you identify the resources that you need to keep these extraordinary creatures alive. Where you can get them and of course which types are for sale.

The most important thing that you have to check is the price. Of course at the end of the day you need to get value for money end product no matter what the purchase is. As mentioned earlier the fresh water jellyfish are very rare, so it's also very costly. Have a budget.

Having pet jellyfish is a very complicated procedure, you have to take many factors into consideration so that you know what they need to survive and grow in captivity. The most important thing to understand is that they have very specific living conditions. They have a tendency to get stuck, may it be the tanks pump apparatus or even the square corners of your tank. A Cylinder tank will be your best option in this case, and make sure that you have a light current going through the rocks and the pots on the bottom of the tank because the jellyfish attach their young to it.

The final thing to consider is that you have to make sure that you go to a reputable dealer. Also make sure that you talk to a couple of places before you make your final choice. Because end of the day you have to make sure that you get the maximum for what you are paying.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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