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Preserving Jellyfish

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Preserving Jellyfish

Jellyfish are one of the ocean's most exotic creatures discovered.. Jellyfish which can also be referred to as salabay or dikya. They are also known to be a delicacy in Asia's food market and hence can be altered into food additive. The specific areas in which jellyfish are popular are South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Jellyfish are extremely expensive on the market, the current price is p28.00/kg.

Nonetheless jellyfish are extremely difficult to preserve without the right chemicals. A very minimal amount of provinces practice preservation; Palawan, Ilo-ilo, Camarines, Samar and Quezon. There is a specific ratio of certain chemicals required for every specific amount of jellyfish. For 1500 to 2400 kg of jellyfish, you will require 15 to 25 kg of potash alum, you will need 3 to 6 kg of sodium bicarbonate, you will need 130 to 290 kg of sodium chloride and finally you will require potassium nitartrate for every kilogram.

Let us now look at the preparation method. Place the jellyfish in a well mixed bowl containing potash alum, the recommended amount, and sea water for up to four hours. Within every thirty to forty minutes switch over the jellyfish. Eventually, the jellyfish will harden. Then allow it to drip for approximately fifteen hours in a perforated container. This will expertly remove the remaining unwanted water from the jellyfish to allow it to harden. Next, put together a mixture of sodium chloride, potash alum and sodium bicarbonate. Put this mixture onto the jellyfish and store in a container for twenty days. Every two or three days stir the jellyfish. Next, leave the jellyfish in room temperature for two days and apply the previous mixture to both sides. When dry again, it is ready to be preserved for up to a year. Thanks to the Government of Philippines, Department of Science and Technology, this knowledge is available. However remember to consult a preservation specialist.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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