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Portuguese Jellyfish

In the vastness of aquatic life, there are many species that exist in the deep. Some are fascinating, others mysterious, others are colorful and lovely, and others are not. Truth is it is hard to put a figure on the number of sea creatures so no need trying. One among this sea life that is more than fascinating is the jellyfish. Not truly a fish, but a marvelous creature nonetheless. It is found in the deep though some like to travel closure to the surface.

Portuguese jellyfish in more precision are well known. Of course there are many species with the Portuguese prefix but the one that has been attention grabbing is the Portuguese Man O' War. One look at the creature and you would agree that it has defined looks. It is found in the tropical and subtropical regions of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. This species has also been found in Hawaii on some occasions. It has tentacles which it uses in capturing its prey. It also has a pneumatophore or in other words an airbag that it uses to stay afloat.

Jellyfish, well some of them, are known to cause serious stings and the Man O' War is no exception. It does deliver a painful sting that can have anything from minor to fatal effects. In most journals and related print and online sources, it is highly recommended that people stay away from the Portuguese jellyfish, dead or alive. That's because even when incapacitated, the tentacles can still give a sting that is still as lethal. Probably the worse news about these creatures is that their sting is ten times stronger than what your average jellyfish would give. Well with that said, it is best to admire the Man O' War from a distance.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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