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Jellyfish Fun Facts

Jellyfish news for 2012-07-24

If you are a regular visitor of the website, you would know a lot about jellyfish, but there are many fun facts that you must ha..

Jellyfish- A Mysterious Bundle of Jelly

Jellyfish news for 2012-06-23

Jellyfish are perceived as not only unusual, but mysterious creatures which foray several coats of the world. Gelatinous bodies ..

Why I am always with my gang

Jellyfish news for 2012-05-28

Jelly fish are magnificent creatures which increase the beauty of many water bodies. Their translucent lacey bodies float in the..

Death doesn’t kill me

Jellyfish news for 2012-05-25

They are heavenly creatures and you might be in awe when you see them floating in the water â€" jelly fish sure are mysterious. ..

Fossilized Jellyfish and How It Can Help Mankind

Jellyfish news for 2012-05-19

According to recent studies, it has been found out that jellyfish have already existed more than 500,000,000 years ago. This fu..

Jellyfish Infestation: A Sign of The Times

Jellyfish news for 2012-05-17

It is no secret at present that the world is being bombarded with swarms of jellyfish wherever people may go. At first, the aut..

Jellyfish: Aiding Water Movement for a Better Environment

Jellyfish news for 2012-05-08

Did you know that even simple organisms such as jellyfish can make a great deal of movement under the ocean? They may also be a..

Three Men of Science and a Jellyfish

Jellyfish news for 2012-05-08

It is not surprising for one scientist to win such an esteemed award but when it happens to three geniuses in the world of scien..

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