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Methods of Protection from Jellyfish Stings

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Methods of Protection from Jellyfish Stings

Jellyfish inhabit all the marine waters of the world. There are about 2000 species of jellyfish and they are spread across all the seas and oceans of the world. They inhabit all level, from the surface of the water to depths beyond 1000 feet. If you are considering swimming, surfing or diving in a marine environment, you are very likely to encounter some species of jellyfish. While most jellyfish have stinging apparatus, not all of them are harmful to human beings. The venom in the sting of most jellyfish is so mild that it does not have any noticeable effect on human beings.

On the other hand, there are jellyfish that can produce any serious effects on human beings, including causing instant death. While it is important to know the treatments for jellyfish stings and this vary from species to species, it is even more important to protect oneself from jellyfish stings. But, before we look at methods of protection from jellyfish, let us briefly look at why and how jellyfish sting.

Jellyfish sting as a method of self defense. They do not actively attack any creature, including human beings. The tentacles of a jellyfish are lined with thousands of nematocysts that contain venom and a length of barbed thread that gets fired into the flesh of the victim and injecting the venom into his/her body. These nematocysts are triggered by the presence of chemicals on human skin or on the scales of a fish. If there were no contact with the chemicals on a human skin, the jellyfish would not feel threatened and the nematocysts would not get activated.

There are ways to neutralize the presence of chemicals on the human skin in marine waters. The safest and the most effective method is to wear a wetsuit. When the tentacles of the jellyfish touch the surface of the wetsuit, they do not sense the presence of any chemicals and pass without stinging. There are also lotions available today, that when applied thoroughly to the human skin prevent the jellyfish from sensing any imminent threat in the presence of the person. Safe sea stinging lotion is known to be effective in preventing jellyfish stings.

Some jellyfish, especially the deadliest of them all, the box jellyfish is known to be able to penetrate the wetsuit of a diver and sting him/her anyway. The sting of the box jellyfish is the deadliest among all creatures of the world and can cause death in less than 4 minutes of being stung. For protection against box jellyfish, which inhabit the waters around Australia, Australians have developed a special wetsuit designed from more resistant material. On the other hand, nylon panty hoses are also known to be effective in protecting humans from the deadly sting of the box jellyfish. That is the reason you may find a number of Australian lifeguards wearing nylon panty hoses on their arms and legs.

While there are known ways of protecting yourself from a jellyfish sting, nothing works better than prevention. If you know about the existence of dangerous jellyfish, it is best that you do not venture into the water.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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