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Marine Jellyfish, Getting To Know Marine Jelly Fish

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Marine Jellyfish

Knowing about each and every living being on earth is interesting. Let's have a look at the marine jellyfish which is a familiar name to many of us, though the features are a little confusing. Marine jellyfish or Sea Jellies are aquatic animals belonging to Cnidarians. As they are mostly living in ocean, they are often called marine Jellyfish; though an exception of some fresh water jellies are also there.

Marine jellyfish is seen through out the ocean; from the surface of the ocean to the unknown depth of the blue sea. If you are the type of guys who go diving or love spending time with aquatics, having some basic knowledge of the marine jellyfish will be interesting. Have a quick look.

How does a marine jellyfish appear? A jellyfish has two layers in its body and a jelly like substance is filled in between them. Another interesting fact is that a marine jellyfish has no distinct head. Digestive, respiratory and nervous systems are of special type.

When you are going to meet a stranger alone, being precautious will always be helpful, for anytime there may be an attack out of "misunderstanding". You will be surprised to know that a marine jellyfish can even kill human beings. And how do they attack? A marine jellyfish sting their prey using nematocysts. Though all attacks will not be so harmful to human beings, interaction or touching with jellyfish will make some real irritations; depending on the skin sensitivity, even medical treatments may be needed.

As there are many different types of species in marine jellyfish, having a clear understanding of them all is not possible but having a look at different features will be useful.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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