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LED Jellyfish Aquarium

Always wanted jellyfish aquariums but loathe the idea of feeding the fish in the fish tank, cleaning the tank to maintain proper hygiene and of course avoiding the regular sting? You can trust LED jellyfish aquariums to look great in your home or desk in the office as you enjoy the jellyfish swimming about and changing their colors. Jellyfish in the LED aquariums move by a gradual current created by the fish tank and the good thing is that the flow doesn't appear obvious nor make any kinds of bubbles that will insinuate to the viewer that the aquarium is fake.

One notable brand of LED jellyfish aquarium is the Aquapict which is ideal for bedrooms, offices, desks, restaurants or just about anywhere where people love to relax and unwind. It is powered by an AC adapter, has 12 different color settings that light up the tank, no wonder it is the most sought after LED jellyfish aquarium today. Like any other true LED jellyfish aquarium, it features life-like jellyfish in it made of silicone and appear everything but fake, of course without the painful stings. It is 21cm x 12cm in size making it a good size for just about any space in the room, whether you have a large space for the aquarium or a small one.

With the electrified non-stinging jellyfish, the aquarium automatically powers down after two hours, hence saves energy. In addition to the "normal mode", the Aquapict LED jellyfish aquarium allows you to also relish the "Deep Sea Mode" where these marine animals swim in a more gradual manner and the LED changes to become heavier on the background blues. The "normal or regular mode" allows the jellyfish to swim without any color.

Another brand of LED jellyfish Aquarium worth noting is the Hypnotic Jellyfish aquarium that has three artificial jellyfish moving about in the water. The jellyfish in water move in between coral reefs and seaweed, creating a near natural environment that appears anything but fake to the eyes of the beholder. The LED backlighting beautifully and artistically highlights the movement of these jellies as they rise and fall in water thanks to the silent, built-in motor that generates the currents.

Just like the Aquapict LED jellyfish aquarium, the hypnotic brand also has the option of selecting particular light patterns from the nine provided, giving blue, red, and green highlights in the aquascape. You can wall -mount this LED jellyfish aquarium, display it on a tabletop or better still put it up on a bookshelf and off you go with a beautiful jellyfish aquarium with no responsibilities of cleaning or feeding the jellies or even the nightmare of a sting.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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