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Large Jellyfish

Jellyfishes still hold the place of some of the oceans most fascinating animals. They are often seen in the deep blue, and rarely next to the swimming space in the large oceans. When it comes to the list of species, jellyfishes are many, though their anatomical similarities remain. There are some that are individually classed as the giant kind of jellyfish. When compared to a man, these are usually bigger, both in diameter and in length. Reports indicate that one of these has ever sunk a boat Far East in Japan. If anything, when a jellyfish is considered large, it is indeed large.

One of the species well known is the Nomura Jellyfish. It is located in the eastern pacific, near the territorial waters of Japan, and that explains why sightings of this creature are so frequently made there. It is known to grow up to 2 meters in diameter, and can weigh as much as 300 kilograms. With a creature with such anatomical simplicity, one would not help but be amazed. Nomura invasions have been recorded a couple of times in the Far East especially in those times of the year when breeding conditions are favorable.

The Arctic lion's mane is another large species of jellyfish. From the naming, it's apparent that this species of jellyfish is only found deep in the cool waters of the Arctic, so running into one might not be that easy. They are big in size, and have the same kind of anatomical dimensions as the Nomura.

The Echizen jellyfish is also another species of giant sea creatures. It is found in the Easter pacific, close to Japanese waters. These jellyfishes which get media airtime from their destructive characteristics as far as fishing is concerned get closer to the coast during the favorable times of the year. The reason for this is spawning to ensure generation continuity.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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