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King Jellyfish Swarming in Full Bloom

King Jellyfish Swarming in Full Bloom picture

King Jellyfish Swarming in Full Bloom

The impact of Global warming on Earth's oceans is stirring up super sized creatures from the depths with unusual swarms of massive king jellyfish, (Nomura's) into the Sea of Japan. Massive swarms of stinging jellyfish have also been reported on the increase in many of our oceans especially around Hawaii, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, U.S. east coast, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, and the North Sea. Marine biologists have been monitoring the changing patterns of jellyfish journeys around the world and are concerned that normal marine eco systems are being greatly affected.

The king jellyfish (Nomura's) which originate in the Chinese Yellow Sea, are not deadly stinging jellyfish, but their size and numbers have escalated in recent years with extended breeding time in the ever increasing warmer oceans. Their upsurge has been causing havoc to fishing, marine travel and local marine eco systems. Young jellyfish feed on fish larvae for longer periods and warm currents provide a buoyant feeding frenzy.

At spectacular sizes of 1.83 meters in diameter and weighing more than 204 kilos these bulbous monsters of the deep, with diaphanous crowns and masses of thick pink tentacles, have been causing destruction to coastal fishing nets and the tenuous livelihood of local fishermen.

Japan's culinary kings have recently decided to fight back this underwater invasion and are now harvesting these early bloomers in their thousands every year. They have discovered the pleasures of consuming king jellyfish through steaming or grilling.

Like upturned enormous mushrooms, the king jellyfish pulsate throughout the ocean, feeding and multiplying. It's estimated that 200 species of king sized jellyfish exist on our planet and these monsters of the deep will certainly be keeping Japanese restaurants well stocked.

Even though they have become a new delicacy what cost will their impact have on Japan's fish population in the future?

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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