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Keeping Jellyfish

Some of us find ourselves fascinated by jellyfish. Indeed, they are fascinating creatures. They live in sea water, glow in the water, and are extremely mystical and elegant as they swim around with floating tentacles and no eyes. Keeping jellyfish is desired by many in their homes. It is possible to have pet jellyfish. However keeping jellyfish differs from keeping normal fish in an aquarium. You must first understand the requirements for keeping a jellyfish so that it remains alive and healthy within your home. Let us first take a look at some technical requirements and the types of pet jellyfish that are possible to keep safely within your home.

When choosing an aquarium, you must not choose an average rectangular shaped aquarium. Instead you must purchase a circular aquarium. This is because, jellyfish are prone to getting stuck in corners without having the knowledge to free themselves from 90 degree angles. A circular aquarium provides the fluency pattern a jellyfish travels in. Another imminent detail is that you must have an aquarium with current. These currents will keep the jellyfish safe, in other words, prevent them from being sucked into the aquarium which would prove absolutely grotesque. For the sake of reminder, be sure to know that jellyfish only survive in sea water, meaning fill your aquarium up with salt water.

The most domesticated jellyfish are both derived from the marine jellyfish. The first is called the Upside Down Jellyfish, also known as Cassiopea andromeda. This jellyfish is commonly found in the sea waters near Hawaii and the Philippines. The second species is the Moon Jellyfish, which is also referred to the Aurelia aurita. These are much larger and require larger aquariums.

Be sure to do your personal research before purchasing any jellyfish. Consult a local pet shop or online sources in order to understand or purchase any equipment for your soon to be jellyfishes!

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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