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The fascination of jellyfish has often set the pace for new innovations. Toy makers have now come up with a Jellyfish yo yo creating a great idea for a toy. It is made of a petrochemical material and the noodle shaped tentacles attached to a rubbery tether extends several feet to give that bounce action characteristic in a yoyo. It can be purchased in many neon colors. It also comes in blue and solid mix colors. Similar to a live form of a jellyfish, the jellyfish yo yo also has long tentacles which forms a cascade and when bounced it imitates the moving action of a live jellyfish. This toy however is not suitable or intended for young children as it contains small parts and can be a chocking and strangulation hazard.

The jellyfish yo yo is a great way to attract people to trade stalls and showrooms which exhibit the promotional toy. It is an item ideal for those suffering from stress as a stress reliever. The jellyfish yoyo measures about 10 inches in size without the tether attached to the toy being stretched.

The Jellyfish Yo-Yo - Solid color is retailed around $1.49 to $2.75 while the Jellyfish Yo-Yo - Multicolor is priced around $1.55 to $2.75

The product gives kind of rubbery smell when the packing is removed as it is made of petrochemicals. However, this aroma fades away quite fast.

For trading purposes the manufacturer will charge a set up charge of about $40 - 55 for bulk purchases, many online shops will supply the order within six working days.

A review sent by a purchaser of Jellyfish yo yo recently to a prominent website, has noted that this toy is great. However, after one to two days usage, the layers of the toy have come out blemishing the great idea to some extent and suggested the toy be made a lot more durable than at present, irrespective if the item is priced a little higher. The large Jelly Fish Yo Yo is a fine item for use as party decorations. It is about 12 inches long without measuring its lengthy tether. The prices are highly affordable and extensively attractive to lend a party atmosphere.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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