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Jellyfish Toys

Creatures of the deep have always been fascinating. Its not only about dolphins and tropical fish, there are others that marvel not only with their anatomical simplicity, but also with their shape and movements. These are jellyfishes to be precise. And since getting one for your kid is a near impossibility, you can go for the next best thing and those are the toys.

Jellyfish toys are sold almost everywhere toys are sold. And there are different kinds of these toys, but a broad classification can be made.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed toys have been a favorite especially for the kids that are too young to play around with plastic ones. These ones offer no risks whatsoever, besides being cute and cuddly. They even have the tentacles for the realism effect. Here you have the choice of getting the color that pleases you. But generally, there are pink and blue for the girls and boys respectively.

Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Toys

These usually qualify as collectibles with their illumination feature. They range in the array of plastic toys that are available. They contain the tentacles and the dome feature apparent in jellyfishes. These are advised for the kids above the age of 3.

Jellyfish Aquaria

For the complete nine yards of jellyfish and their ecological niches, the jellyfish aquarium is the perfect toy. It gives life-like jellyfish with surreal movement, led back lighting for added effect and a deep sea environment that is a replica of the sea underworld. It's considerably bigger than your average toy, and weights considerably more, but it makes for a great toy. It's recommended for older kids, preferably those above the age of 8.

The aquarium is the most expensive of these options, but also among the best. Access to all these toys is relatively easy, if you look in all the right places. Remember to match the kind of toy to the age of your child.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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