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Jellyfish Tempura Recipe

Jellyfish is an amazing creature found within the sea. It floats very gracefully and has slowly become one of the worlds, Asia's mostly, fast growing popular foods to eat. Jellyfish has no taste on its own, only when it is mixed and eaten with other foods does it make a difference in your meal and brings forth an exotic sea taste. A very famous recipe cooked all over Asia is called the jellyfish tempura recipe. For this recipe, let us first take a look at the required ingredients and how to prepare this exotic delicious dish.

To make jellyfish tempura, you will need approximately 200g of salted jellyfish. You will need 100 ml of ice soda water. You will need sunflower oil. You will need 25g. Of cornflour and plain flour. You will also need 2 tsp of toasted sesame seeds for extra flavor and uniqueness. Finally, be sure to keep a pinch of salt next to you in order to ensure a good amount of salt for the dish.
Now that you have the ingredients prepared, let's put this recipe into action. There are three steps to making a successfully tasty jellyfish tempura. First you must thoroughly rinse the salted jellyfish in cold water for about three to five minutes. After that, place the jellyfish, still wet, in a pot of boiling hot water. Let it boil for about fifteen minutes. After that, strain the jellyfish and rinse with cold water.

Now that its about dry enough, cut the jellyfish into your preferred size, into several pieces. The second step is to first sift the flour, salt, cornflour, sesame seeds, and soda water into a large bowl. Finally, the third step is to dip the jellyfish chunks into the batter and fry them in a pan, covered in sunflower oil. After they are fried, they will be a golden crispy hue. Serve them with soy sauce and you have jellyfish tempura.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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