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Jellyfish Tank Temperature

Jellyfish have held the fascination of men for centuries. Although most people worry about being stung by jellyfish, they do not really pose a huge risk to humans. Most species of jellyfish can only cause minor discomfort to humans with their stings. Only few species of jellyfish can actually cause humans any harm. Irrespective of the perceived dangers of proximity to jellyfish, we have always dreamt of being able to keep them captive for our pleasure.

Keeping jellyfish in captivity is no easy task. Jellyfish are so delicate that even netting them can cause them fatal injuries. The reason for their delicacy is the fact that there is only 5% of solid organic matter in their entire body mass. If they are at all kept in captivity, immense care has to be taken to replicate their natural habitat as closely as possible. The set up to keep jellyfish in captivity is very specialized and sophisticated. They cannot be kept in regular fish tanks for fear that the jellyfish may injure itself or get trapped in the corners. Also, a regular filtration system which uses suction is unusable in a jellyfish tank for the fear that the jellyfish itself will get sucked into it.

While special tanks and filtration systems need to be designed for a jellyfish tank, possibly one of the easiest factor to replicate from the natural habitat of the jellyfish, is water temperature. The species of jellyfish that are normally kept captive are the Upside Down Jelly fish (Cassiopea andromeda) and the Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita). Both these species of jellyfish come from waters that are usually 55 to 65 degrees. If this range of temperature is not maintained in a jellyfish tank, the jellyfish will start suffering from heat stress within a few hours and will eventually die. For this purpose, it is important to use a refrigeration unit or a chiller in a jellyfish tank.

Jelliquariums are the latest invention in jellyfish tanks. The Jelliquarium is a combination of various systems of filtration, oxygenation, cooling, etc. that replicates the natural habitat of the jellyfish as closely as possible. It also helps provide the jellyfish with a safe and comfortable environment. This Jelliquarium uses Aqualogic brand aquarium chiller controls water temperature very reliably and has a 2 year warranty to boot. It is specially modified for its use in the Jelliquarium which makes it extremely easy to use and clean.

The Jelliquarium also comes fitted with a thermostat and a digital controller. This helps you monitor the water temperature regularly and make changes if any are required, quite easily. The LCD display provides you with real-time accurate temperature in the water tank. The keypad attached to it allows you to change the settings with ease as it provides the option of using both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. This temperature control is extremely important if you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures and also because different species of jellyfish have different requirements and the temperature needs to be adjusted according to the jellyfish inhabiting the Jelliquarium.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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