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Jellyfish Tank Refrigeration Unit

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Jellyfish Tank Refrigeration Unit

Jellyfish are amongst the most delicate creatures ever to be kept in captivity. It has taken a long time for us to develop technology to suit the requirements of this fascinating creature and advancements are being made continuously even now. This is because the jellyfish is one of the simple invertebrates living in the waters of the ocean that has less than 5% of its body mass in solid organic matter. It is so delicate that until recently we could not even net them without injuring or wounding them.

Jellyfish first came to be kept only at public aquariums by experts dedicated full time to their care. The set up used at public aquariums for the keeping and display is not just expensive, but so sophisticated and complicated so as to be out of the reach of regular hobbyists. However, advancements in technology have led to the development of the Jelliquarium which is specially designed to meet the requirements of the jellyfish. It has succeeded in replicating the conditions of the natural habitat of the jellyfish to a very large extent and has made it possible for a regular hobbyist to keep jellyfish in his house.

The water flow and filtration systems have probably been the toughest to develop given the jellyfish's complete dependence on water currents for its survival. The easiest factor to achieve has perhaps been replicating the temperatures at which jellyfish live. The most commonly kept jellyfish come from waters that range 55 to 65 degrees in temperature. If the temperature increases that the given range, jellyfish start experiencing heat stress within a few hours and may even die if the water does not cool down soon enough. The way to maintain consistent optimum temperature in a jellyfish tank is the use of refrigeration units or chillers in it.

Aqualogic brand aquarium chillers have been known to control water temperature reliably and can be used in your jellyfish tank. They also come with a 2 year warranty to offset their expense. It utilizes an efficient helix titanium evaporator coil within an in-line barrel. Complicated as it sounds, it is extremely easy to use and clean this chiller regularly. These chillers use ozone friendly refrigerant and are highly energy efficient. In keeping with the water flow system, most chillers in jellyfish tank are designed to use two vents: one to push in cold air and the other as an exhaust for warm air.

Jellyfish tank aquarium chillers need to come equipped with a thermostat and a digital controller. We experience a range of different temperatures throughout the year, but jellyfish are not adapted to do so. It is important to be able to control the temperature of the water to ensure survival of the jellyfish. Also different species of jellyfish have different requirements and you need to control the temperature of your jellyfish tank to suit the species that inhabits it. You should have an LCD display that provides you with accurate real time readings of the temperature. The digital controller should allow easy re-programming of temperature which is also quick.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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