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Jellyfish Tank Lighting

Having a jellyfish tank in your home or office can be an ultimate style statement. Jellyfish are amongst the most beautiful and delicate creatures of the ocean kingdom and being able to display them in one's private space has been the dream of many hobbyists for years. You may be surprised to know that no more than 5% of the total body mass of a jellyfish is solid organic matter. You may be even more surprised to know that jellyfish have no brain or any specialized functional systems for processes like digestion, circulation etc. Jellyfish only have an elementary nervous system and the sensory receptors are solely responsible for both sensing and reacting to external stimuli like heat, light, odor, etc.

The jellyfish aquarium that you may be considering installing in your space is a product of years of dedicated research and development aimed at providing the fragile jellyfish with conditions required for its survival. Did you know that jellyfish depend entirely on the tides and currents of water to stay suspended, to move horizontally in water and even to capture food? Can you imagine the difficulty in being able to provide and maintain such control over water flow?

Jellyfish look best in completely dark surroundings so that their translucent gelatinous shape can be seen in contrast to its background. However, this sort of darkness may not be possible to acquire in any place other than a dedicated aquarium. On the other hand, there are species of jellyfish that have light sensors and are dependent on them for proper functioning. If you have a species of jellyfish that falls in this category, it may not be advisable to keep it in total darkness. Moreover, most species of jellyfish are only able to tell up from down based on the sunlight that gets filtered downwards from the surface of the water. Wrong placement of light could confuse the jellyfish.

As you can see, it is extremely important to maintain proper lighting in the jellyfish aquarium. Not doing so can be detrimental to the survival of your jellyfish. It is important that only experts are trusted with the setting up of the jellyfish aquarium and its lighting system. However, if you are considering buying a complete unit of a jellyfish aquarium that contains all its functional systems like filtration, oxygenation, lighting, water flow, etc., the most technologically advanced product available in the market is the Jelliquarium. It comes closest in being able to replicate the natural living environment of the jellyfish and provides a safe, clean and hygienic environment for your jellyfish.

As far as the lighting system in the Jelliquarium is concerned, it comes with a standard ABS light hood and 20 watt fluorescent light fixture and a Marine-Glo flourescent light bulb. However you have the option of adding underwater spot lights for a more dramatically lit jellyfish aquarium. If the species of jellyfish you own is photosynthetic, you will need to add more lighting under the guidance of an expert to provide your jellyfish with perfect living conditions.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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