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Jellyfish Sushi is an extremely well known dish amongst the Asian International Food Market. The health benefits and the provided test of the slimy or better yet, dried and crispy, jellyfish is a popular snack that many Asians love to indulge in. This is completely understandable due to its extraordinary taste and once again, its calcium binding protein health benefits. However, jellyfish are becoming an epidemic in the sea waters of Japan, as well as an excellent meal incorporated in today's very famous sushi.

Japan is slowly become terrorized by jellyfish. For an unexplainable reason they seem to be multiplying in the ocean waters surrounding Japan. Fishermen have noticed their presence since it seems to be causing a trouble to the fishing industry. Jellyfish are known to be extremely dangerous predators with their poisonous tentacles. Japan is facing a jellyfish epidemic and is currently speaking to China to attempt to find a resolution. As the jellyfish density seems to be increasing all over the sea waters, more and more fishing industries are becoming worried, especially Japan.

Regardless of all the trouble making the jellyfish seem to be causing, namely the citizens of Japan are seen to not complain and instead make their problem into a benefit. Meaning, the citizens of Japan have begun to eat more and more jellyfish, as a solution jellyfish sushi is becoming more and more appealing. Jellyfish sushi seems to help the nation's epidemic and simultaneously provide a healthy good tasting meal. Sushi is an excellent dish in which vinegar sticky rice is crunched together with, most popularly, fish. It is altogether rolled up in sheets of seaweed. However, clearly, the fish is replaced by jellyfish and it is reported that it offers a much more unique and tantalizing taste to the Japanese sushi. Refer to for more information on sushi meals.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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