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Jellyfish Stings Per Year

The jellyfish is a strange marine creature and has been inhabiting the oceans of the earth for thousands of years. These creatures have grown in number due to a variety of reasons and many people are encountering them when they go for a swim in the sea. About 72 species of the jellyfish have venom which is harmful to humans, and unfortunately many of these types inhabit the waters near the popular beaches of the world. The jellyfish stings by instinct, and a swimmer is stung when he inadvertently brushes past a jellyfish.

The sting of a jellyfish is quite painful and there are certain types of box jellyfish whose venom can cause death within minutes. Many people have got stung by different jellyfish throughout the world and many organisations are trying to collect data from all over, to find out the concentrations and migratory behaviour of the different species of jellyfish. It is not possible to get an exact figure of jellyfish stings per year, as there are many cases which fail to get recorded in many parts of the world.

According to one of the estimations by National Institutes of Health (NIH), there are about 150 million jellyfish stings every year, in the whole world. This estimation has prompted many doctors to research into finding a sting inhibitor so that majority of the jellyfish stings can be prevented.

The most recorded cases of jellyfish stings are from Australia. The east coast of Australia is notorious for many types of venomous jellyfish. Every summer it is estimated that the bluebottle itself causes about ten thousand stings. The other common jellyfish in this area are the Cyanea or the hair jellyfish, and the Catostylus or the blubber jellyfish. In south and western Australia a type of box jellyfish called the jimble, which has only one tentacle is known to cause many stings.

The sting of the Chironex fleckeri a type of box jellyfish is considered to be the most lethal and causes death within minutes. As per the official records this jellyfish has caused 63 deaths since the year 1884, in waters surrounding Queensland and extending further North. Deaths by this jellyfish has also been reported from Philippines, Maldives islands, Japan, Papua New Guinea, South India, Java, Malaysia, and Gulf of Thailand. The Labuan District Hospital which is in Malaysia has recorded two to three deaths, and one or two who also survive from the box jellyfish, every year since 1991. In the Philippines the multi-tentacled box jellyfish is estimated to cause 20 to 40 deaths every year.

In the waters between South Korea and China, a huge jellyfish called Stomolophus nomurai has caused eight deaths, since the authorities have started recording from 1991.

The International Consortium of Jellyfish Stings (ICJS) has been investigating reports of deadly jellyfish stings, and have published various reports since 1991. The numbers include recorded stings as well as those which were heard or were in the local news. Their records show that there were more than one thousand reported stings every month from various surf clubs in Queensland alone.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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