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Jellyfish are one of the oldest creatures inhabiting the oceans of our planet. There are many species of jellyfish and they are to be found near the surface to depths ranging beyond 1000 feet. Although a non-aggressive creature the jellyfish has a basic defense mechanism which makes it sting any living thing that comes in contact with it. The potency of the sting of a jellyfish varies with the different species, and some of them can even cause death instantaneously. Although many jellyfish species do not have a deadly venom, still there are a few which are found near the surface of water around many beaches of the world, whose venom can cause a lot of damage and also death.

Most of the jellyfish are translucent and are very difficult to spot and many people do not see the creature until its too late. Also certain species of jellyfish are very small and can get into the clothing while swimming. People cannot stop going to the beaches due to the presence of jellyfish. The only remedy to this situation is having jellyfish sting protection, so that even when you are swimming in jellyfish waters, you can prevent getting stung.

The jellyfish has thousands of nematocysts or stinging cells on its tentacles. These have a venom which can be injected when the jellyfish senses a living presence. The jellyfish can sense this by certain chemicals which are present on the human skin. So if you want to prevent a sting, the chemicals on our skin should be neutralised, so that the jellyfish does not sense a living presence and the stinging cells will not inject the venom.

One of the most common jellyfish sting protection would be to wear a wet suit while swimming. When the tentacles of a jellyfish brushes past a wet suit, it will sense it as an inanimate object and wont fire the venom. Certain jellyfish like the box jelly, has a sting that can penetrate even a wet suit and so a thicker and more resistant wet suit has been developed to prevent getting stung by the box jelly. Box jellyfish is the deadliest and its sting can cause death within minutes. People have also found nylon panty hose to be an effective material in jellyfish sting protection. Many lifeguards are now known to wear this over their legs and arms.

Another effective jellyfish sting protection is a lotion called Safe Sea. This is a waterproof lotion which is to be applied all over the body. It neutralises the chemicals on the skin and hence the jellyfish will not respond by a sting. The consistency of this lotion is very slippery and so the tentacles also slide off and cannot attach themselves to the skin. The chemicals in this lotion also reduces the pressure in the stinging cells, so as to make the firing of the venom ineffective. The lotion has to be reapplied every hour or so depending on how much gets rubbed off due to activity.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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