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Jellyfish Sting Medicine

Jellyfish is an interesting creature. This interesting creature has always been observed with lot of awe and excitement, by the humans. Jellyfish are found in a variety of sizes and they also differ in their habitat.

Though most of these creatures are found in the sea and along the deepest parts of the oceans, there are certain varieties which are found in the fresh waters. But these fresh water Jellyfish are quite tiny when compared to their sea-living counter partners. These small fresh water Jellyfish do not sting and are almost white in color.

The sea- living Jellyfish are quite dangerous and their stings can even cause immediate death due to an anaphylaxis immunological reaction in the humans. The first thing to be done in case of a Jellyfish bite or sting is to immediately get out of the water, back to the safety of the shores.

The important part to know about a Jellyfish sting is that it leaves its tentacles attached to the area of the sting on the human body. The tentacles contain numerous nematocysts or stinging cells. These stinging cells continue to release the toxin even after the Jellyfish has left. So if the tentacles are still attached to the skin, it is imperative to remove them at once.

If it is quite tightly attached, shaving razors may be used to shave off the nematocysts. Another clever option is to use any firm thing like a credit card or anything which is handy and available at the site of accident, because razors are not things usually carried around by people when they go swimming in the sea.

The nematocysts release more toxins if there is an altered salinity of the water. So if the sting occurred in the salty sea water it is prudent to use only salt water to wash the area

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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