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Jellyfish Species in Asia

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Jellyfish Species in Asia

Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea. Some hydrozoa jellyfish are also found in fresh water. Jellyfish are free-swimming planktonic carnivores. They're generally transparent or translucent, and exist in shallow to deep portions of all the world's oceans.

Jellyfish are categorized due to their characteristics. The different species of jellyfish are the Red Type which is also known as the 'China type' can be identified as Rhopilema esculentum, these jellyfish are slightly reddish with a smooth umbrella. Its umbrella is 300-600mm in diameter. The White type of jellyfish which is identified as Lobonema Smithii consists of a white umbrella with pointed papillae; its umbrella has the potential to reach 500mm in diameters. The Sand type of jellyfish which is identified as Rhopilema Hispidum has a white umbrella with numerous small projections and brown spots; its umbrella has the potential to reach 500mm in diameters as similar to the White type. The River type of jellyfish has a small whitish or slightly brown umbrella which is rough. They're often found in estuaries along river mouths. The Cilacap type of jellyfish is lilac colored when it's alive, its umbrella can reach 250mm in diameter where its umbrella also consists of fine peripheral ridges. They're mainly found in East Java. The Prigi types of Jellyfish are identified as Crambione Mastigophora. are reddish-purple when alive. Its umbrella can reach 400mm in diameter where its peripheral ridges are unclear. They're often found in the Prigi Bay and Muncar in East Java. The Semi-China type jellyfish is light yellow. Their umbrella is smooth and it can reach 150 in diameters. The Semi-China type is similar to the Red Type however it is much smaller. The Ball type of jellyfish is slightly brown where its umbrella is thick and rigid. The wide marginal ridges of its umbrella are very distinctive. They can be identified as Crambionellaorsi.

Chinese immigrants first introduced jellyfish fisheries to many countries in Southeast Asia where fishery remained small scale until 1970 because Japan imported most of its semi-dried fishery products from China. Due to instability in production and rapid rises in price, Japanese merchants in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia emphasized on jellyfish fishing and technical development of processing during the 1970s. After that, jellyfish fishery has expanded to sites in Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar have the largest fishing grounds of the various types of jellyfish in Asia. The Philippines consist of the White type of jellyfish in all three of its largest fishing grounds which is similar to Myanmar which additionally also consists of the Ball type. Vietnam consists of the Sand type and the White type of jellyfish in the country's three main fishing grounds which is similar to Thailand. Malaysia consists of the Red type, White type, River type and Semi-China type of jellyfish. Indonesia consists of a large variety of jellyfish that are Semi-China type, White type, Sand type, Prigi type, Cilacap type and the River type.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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