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Jellyfish Sculpture

People are all the time fascinated by jellyfish. It is one of the most admired creatures in marine life and many scientists are still researching to know more about this wonderful creature's lifecycle. According to known researches, Jellyfish are said to be the oldest living creatures found in the World. Researches suggest that it's been in existence for more than 650,000 years. About 95 percent of their bodies are just a mass of water and more than 2000 types of jellyfish are known to be discovered to date.

Like other pet fish people like rearing jellyfish in their homes but, however, it is not possible, as their requirements to keep them alive is not easy to maintain. Only some institutions which were funded by government have succeeded in keeping jellyfish alive in aquariums. Nevertheless, there are now ways to keep them in home aquariums as pets but it is still not easily affordable.

Glass jellyfish sculptures are available now as an effective answer to this that have all the splendid features of real living jellyfish. Glass jellyfish sculptures can be exhibited anywhere. After the initial attempt to create an unique art in glass jellyfish sculptures, many artists have entered the field making marvelous creations that is minutely identical to the living jellyfish.

Many years ago, some artists who made glass jellyfish sculptures have succeeded in creating vases which when set with a bulb from within reflects the translucent glow of jellyfish. Sometimes, precious stones were used in these vases to bring on the effect. These valuable antiques are now seen in many museums.

Presently, glass jellyfish sculptures can be bought in various shapes and designs. Widely famous is the type that is made as paperweights and decorative items. When glass is blown the jellyfish is placed within it at some stage. The colors used are also rather rare to find. These objects bring the glass jellyfish sculptures to life and may be exhibited to good effect as the living models of jellyfish in homes.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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