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You don't have to build an aquarium in your house now to experience the calmness and the beauty of the sea, as there are many downloadable online screen savers that are extremely identical to living fish and seawater. One typical scenic screen saver of this type is a Jellyfish screen saver that is easily available online. The natural atmosphere which is so realistically created, gives you an impression of as though you are looking at an aquarium with living jellyfish.

Most jellyfish screen savers take up a very small space in your hard disk. It takes about one to four MBs to create a marvel of the depth of the sea portraying the many translucent jellyfish. They are compatible with the entire windows platform though some are specifically programmed to suite windows XPs. Jellyfish screen savers are created for the Mac Platform, mobiles, and other operating systems such as Linux as well.

Many websites provide screen savers and most of them are free of charge. However, these websites give out a warning to check when down loading whether there are viruses that can come in with screen savers. Some screen savers are charged for downloading and they usually allow a trial period of about 30 days before being billed.

Rate My Screensaver creates beautiful jellyfish screen savers with 27 high-resolution images. They are offered free of charge. Rate My Screensaver was founded in 2007. Since then it has brought the best screen savers in the industry so far produced. Rate My Screensavers are free of spyware and viruses and it has always given due credit to the artists.

The website has a range of beautiful jellyfish screensavers. They are compatible with Win98/WinME/Win2000/WinXP. Only 128Mb Ram is needed to run most of these screen savers. You can also find many jellyfish screensavers on these sites : and

Broderbund also sells some great jellyfish and artificial aquarium products! Check the link below and make sure you checkout all their products before you checkout!

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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