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Jellyfish are fascinating marine animals and are found in saline waters all over the world. There are 200 different species and each is unique in its shape, size and color. All over the world there are different reports about the activities of jellyfish and they make interesting reading. It can be a sighting of a new type of jellyfish, or an abundance of them in one place. There are many such reports and they give us an insight into the behaviour of this strange creature.

In May 1999 a swarm of Moon Jellyfish was reported at Shoreham Harbour in Sussex. The moon jellyfish is a common species, found all over the world, and is common around the coast of Britain as well. But the strange thing were the numbers which were sighted. They were swarming in thousands, and the largest of them was about 125 mm in diameter. Then by the end of July 1999 they all seemed to have disappeared. In August 2002 again a dense mass of the moon jellyfish was seen in Loch Nevis in Scotland. This congregation is reported to be 12 meters by 3 meters and was at least a metre thick. Again a similar congregation was seen on 6 June 2004, eight miles off the coast of north-west Wales, at the north of Cardigan Bay. This mass of jellyfish was wedged between two land masses, in a continuous raft of 8 meters square. Each of the thousands of the jellyfish was 10 centimeters in diameter.

In November 2007, several newspapers reported that the pearl-chain jellyfish was reported off the coast of Plymouth and Land's End. This species is usually found in deep waters off the coasts of Norway and the Mediterranean. It was observed that the pink jellyfish formed strings which were 30 meters long. A similar occurrence was also reported in 1997, where the string jellyfish had caused the death of a large number of salmons, by their stings.

In July 2008 CBS news reported that lots of jellyfish were showing up, in the waters of Long Beach, N.Y. There were so many jellyfish that people were just unable to go into the water. Reporters have stated that the summer was the worst as thousands of beach goers were stung by the jellyfish. The coast guards were carrying spray bottles filled with alcohol and water to relieve the pain of several people stung by the jellyfish. Previously there were not so many, but now the number and frequency also have increased. Even in the Hudson river when the triathlon was held, thousands of competitors were stung by jellyfish.

CBS news further reported that the tourism industry in the Mediterranean was hit because of the jellyfish menace at beaches and coastal waters. The marine biologists who were interviewed, blamed this overabundance of jellyfish on many factors, which included global warming and over-fishing of tuna which feeds on the jellyfish. They predict that this will continue every summer and might even become worse.

Everywhere around the world the reports suggest that the jellyfish population is increasing and causing a variety of problems.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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