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Jellyfishes, also known as sea jellies due to the way they are to look at are one of the most astonishing creatures of the earth. They are Cnidarian free swimmers and are distinctly divided into various sub species and groups. The Jellyfishes has continuously drawn the sincere attention of the human beings in terms of Scientific Study, Cuisine and other fields of applied art. In scientific notation a Jellyfish can be an excellent object to do biological study on. In Cuisine it forms a good appetite of the people looking for continental dishes and tasty delicacies.

People even like to have paintings of the jellyfish in their House walls, forming an excellent interior decoration. It also imparts a royal feeling to the visitors of the house along with associated beauty. People must be aware of the deep sea divers who take a life risk in taking the photos of these deep underwater animals. The unfriendly gravitational force, lack of oxygen and notably the danger of known and unknown dangerous animals including several species of Jellyfishes are some of the different things a deep sea diver deals with.

There are various programs telecasted by The National Geographic Channel, Discovery channel, Animal Planet etc, which regularly offer detailed information regarding these Jellyfish wonders.

In order to encourage the Deep sea divers we the customers may play our own part by giving a little more attention to photos than to paintings. Paintings though make a room lively, but a photo may bring much more if the choice is proper and perfect according to the needs. Paintings can be purchased online or off line. They can be either purchased readily or even made to order.

But when the cost factor is compared, buying prints of Jellyfish seems to be more economical and also more sensible.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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