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Jellyfish Paperweight

Glass has numerous applications not only in the making of household essentials, but also in putting together works of art. When it comes to preservations, paperweight made from glass has enormous appeal, especially when holding a sculpture of extreme beauty. When outsourcing said beauty from the deep, jellyfishes are always considered an option. Their marvel and simplicity is enough to win any heats over. And that explains why glass jellyfish paper weight is so common.

Putting together a jellyfish paperweight is not easy, and that is why it doesn't fall into any of the DIY products. Depending on the intricacy of the design and the complexity of its assembly, the retailing price ranges from as little as $25 to hundreds.

With jellyfish paperweights, your choice does not come so much in the choice of glass as in the choice of jellyfish sculpture. Usually the rule here is simple; the more realistic the jellyfish the more popular it will be. That explains why in some of them, bubbles are witness, to capture the beauty of the creature as it would be in the deep.

Some of the art jellyfish paperweights, especially the modern ones do come with a source of illumination. This not only adds a little bit of color to the paperweight, but also makes it a source of lighting. Though it's more mood associated than as a source of light. In any case, it adds a little bit of magic, and makes the paperweight not only more stunning to the eyes, but also as a great addition to the location that it has been designated to.

The sizes of the jellyfish paperweights do vary, so you need to include that in your list of considerations when you are out shopping for one. But that should not be the deciding factor in the long run.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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