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Jellyfish have been always intriguing to humans. The name Jellyfish itself is a misnomer, because these creatures are not fish at all. They are found in all sorts of colors and all sorts of sizes and shapes too.

Because of their bright colors and amazing shapes, people love to paint these Jellyfish. There are paintings which skillfully and tactfully capture the brilliant colors and minute designs on the body of theses Jellyfish.

These paintings are either used for decorational purposes or even for academic purposes. The Jellyfish is a popular delicacy in China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Philippines and numerous other countries all over the world.

Restaurants offering the Jellyfish delicacy and cuisine on the menu usually prefer to display huge paintings of these wonderful creatures. The restaurants use the paintings of Jellyfish and display it with a dual purpose.

First purpose being served is that it automatically conveys the message to the viewers or the patrons of the restaurant that Jellyfish is available on the menu, and they can look forward to enjoying a wonderful East Asian cuisine.

Secondly these Jellyfish paintings also serve the purpose of being eyeball grabbers. The paintings on Jellyfish look so wonderful and vibrant that wherever they are displayed, the beauty of that place increases three fold. So they also functions as décor enhancers and at the same time offer advertisement regarding business for the restaurateurs.

There are a number of websites which sell the paintings of Jellyfish online. The shipping is done free by some sellers. There are other websites offering totally free paintings of these marvelous creatures.,, are all different web sites which offer totally free paintings of Jellyfish and can be downloaded for personal use.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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