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Posted on Sep 27, 2020
Fewer jellyfish this year  Majorca Daily Bulletin
Posted on Sep 27, 2020
Giant 'red blob' identified as an octopus with only seven tentacles  9News
Posted on Sep 26, 2020
Alissa Eckert on designing the ‘spiky blob’ Covid-19 medical illustration  Wallpaper*
Posted on Sep 26, 2020
Another Life: Here comes the sunfish  The Irish Times
Posted on Sep 25, 2020
Lee Hosts McNair-Ledford Undergraduate Research Symposium  The Chattanoogan
Posted on Sep 25, 2020
Bright 'red glob' washes ashore in Washington. It may be a 7-armed octopus.  Live Science
Posted on Sep 23, 2020
Jellyfish could be sustainable fishing option as study reveals dozens of endangered fish species are legally caught  ABC News
Posted on Sep 22, 2020
Bringing the Ocean’s Midnight Zone Into the Light  The New York Times
Posted on Sep 21, 2020
VIDEO: Thousands of starfish wash up on Navarre Beach after Hurricane Sally  WKRG News 5
Posted on Sep 21, 2020
The meaning of life on Venus, and other climate change briefs
Posted on Sep 21, 2020
  1. Scientists Say Jellyfish Should Become The Next Popular Seafood  ScienceAlert
  2. Jellyfish with your chips?
  3. Australian Researchers Aim For Global Conservative Policies to Protect Endangered Marine Species  Science Times
  4. Experts work to take threatened species off the seafood menu
  5. View Full Coverage on Google News
Posted on Sep 20, 2020
New UCLA Research Reveals Why Sleeping is So Important  NBC Southern California
Posted on Sep 18, 2020
UCLA-led team of scientists discovers why we need sleep | UCLA  UCLA Newsroom
Posted on Sep 17, 2020
This Toxic Australian Plant Injects Scorpion-Like Venom. The Pain Can Last For Days  ScienceAlert
Posted on Sep 16, 2020
Marine animals live where ocean is most 'breathable,' but ranges could shrink with climate change  UW News
Posted on Sep 9, 2020
Jellyfish: Ancient creatures with a lot to offer  BBC Focus Magazine
Posted on Sep 6, 2020
Behind the Scenes With the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Master of Jellyfish  WIRED
Posted on Aug 31, 2020
Deep-Sea Mining: How to Balance Need for Metals with Ecological Impacts  Scientific American
Posted on Aug 25, 2020
The Electrifying Science of Jellyfish Sprites, Explained  Atlas Obscura
Posted on Aug 17, 2020
Magnificent Red Jellyfish Sprite Photographed During A Storm in Mount Locke  Science Times
Posted on Aug 17, 2020
Photographer Captures Eerie And Majestic Sky 'Jellyfish' During a Storm  ScienceAlert
Posted on Aug 16, 2020
Photo shows red jellyfish sprite lightning during a Texas storm - Business Insider  Business Insider
Posted on Aug 11, 2020
Congrats, Jellyfish, the Seas Are Yours! (Now, What Are You Going to Do with Them?)  Discover Magazine
Posted on Aug 5, 2020
Why we're working to put Africa's jellyfish on the map  The Conversation CA
Posted on Jul 27, 2020
Why so many jellyfish?  WKRG News 5
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