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Whether using them to keep jellyfish at bay from swimmers at the beach or using them to capture jellyfish to keep as pets as some people do, jellyfish nets play an important role in the relationship between human beings and these invertebrate inhabitants of the sea.

The art of catching jellyfish has yet to be perfected with many being injured or even killed from the nets used to capture them. This injury or death occurs because the jellyfish only have 5% of their body mass which is made of solid matter; the rest of their body is made up of primarily water. It is these facts of the jellyfish that make it extremely delicate and fragile. Using nets to protect beach goers from jellyfish is not a very effective measure during the rough stormy periods as the mesh of the nets may cause these delicate jellyfish to be mangled by being forcefully pushed by the rough conditions into the net and the problem will only be intensified as these pieces of jellyfish pass through the nets and continue to sting those in the water.

Jellyfish nets also pose the risk of capturing smaller fish as well as jellyfish and when another marine creature becomes caught in the nets the result could be fatal for the unlucky creature. Jellyfish nets do not guarantee a jellyfish free swimming experience, considering that some jellyfish can be as small as your little finger nail it is easy to understand how one may slip over to the other side. An ideal enclosure to keep people in and jellyfish out would have a thickness similar to that of a wetsuit as the barbs on the tentacles of a jellyfish do not have the ability to penetrate this thickness. Monstrous sized jellyfish have created chaos for the Japanese fishing industry in recent times by filling the fishing nets and reducing catch numbers.

The traditional style of net to catch a jellyfish is a larger version of the type of fish net you would use in your aquarium to transfer your fish from one tank to another for cleaning. These days the majority of boats and cruise ships which have a large area towards the back of the craft which is designed for swimming in behind the boat in what is called a boom net. These boom nets have become helpful in keeping the jellyfish at bay also.

Catching jellyfish is difficult no matter what net you use. The nets used at most beaches are custom made to measure. Many fishing and outdoor stores will have nets for sale which would be appropriate for catching jellyfish. If you are unable to find a net in store there are plenty of online stores which sell jellyfish nets. One helpful fact when it comes to catching jellyfish is that most species do not swim; they rely solely on the tides and currents to send them on their path through the ocean. It's recommended that you thoroughly research jellyfish nets before you choose one to ensure that it suits your needs.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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