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Jellyfish necklaces are the most unique pieces of jewelry ever created. They are very popular all over the world with both the young and the old.

Jewelry designers are conjuring up the most beautiful designs making the most out of the ordinary material to create these masterpieces. There are those Jellyfish crazy collectors who insist that they want custom designed jellyfish necklaces using the best material available. Price does not matter; these people are only concerned about the quality and the beauty in the necklace they are wearing.

Here is a look at some of the most unique jellyfish jewelry that is created and also the most popular. Hand crafted Jellyfish necklaces are very popular, material such as gold, silver, wood, enamel, metal and glass beads are used for these necklaces. These jellyfish necklaces range from about $ 20 to about $250 depending on the size of the charm and the material used to make the necklace.

Kendra Roberts is the creator of the most unique one of a kind Jellyfish necklace, featuring the most unique set of stones set in silver, it's estimated to cost at least $1350. .

Another unique Jellyfish necklace is by artist J Sinkus, whose passion for the natural world has not gone unnoticed through this piece of art. This necklace is made by hand and one at a time using glass to create a three dimensional jellyfish in a glass drop.

Less expensive Jellyfish necklaces are made out of beads, decorative tassel found at the dollar stores, threadwork, ribbon work and wood.

There are those that prefer the less fussy jelly fish necklaces, there the jewelry lover have the opportunity to choose a very small and dainty jelly fish charm to go with a silver necklace or a leather necklace for a more ethnic look. Jellyfish necklaces are so detailed because designers and jewelry makers first sketch the pieces of jewelry on paper.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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