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Keeping jellyfish as pets is something that many people feel they would like to do as the creatures are not only mesmerising to watch but are also rather graceful and beautiful, sometimes even colorful. It is a rather difficult and complicated process when it comes to keeping jellyfish as pets but with the right equipment and in the right environment you can create a beautiful home for jellyfish in your own home. It is important to remember that jellyfish are rather delicate creatures and you cannot keep them in a regular fish tank. You must also be willing to provide the best filtration and water flow system that you can possibly find.

Lighting in the tank is also very important in order to promote a healthy life for your jellyfish. Some tanks for jellyfish come with lighthoods and 40 watt light fixtures and also blue Hagen Marin glo lights which work by promoting the reef life in your tank and also still provide quite an enchanting scene. These Hagen Marin glo lights also aids in photosynthesis which is a process all plants go through including reef plants. For a deeper aquarium or a very large one it is recommended that you use a Coralife 20,000K fluorescent bulb as it is a very high intensity lamp.

It is best to completely research your options when it comes to equipment for keeping jellyfish as pets and there are many places to find information on your new found passion. A trip to the local pet store, library or aquarium can provide you with a wealth of information on raising jellyfish. When it comes to having these beautiful marine creatures as pets it is not a matter of just buying a tank, filter, lights and a container of food. Jellyfish food is not commonly found in most pet supply stores, this is why it is important to keep reef plants in your aquarium with your jellyfish so that they have access to a food source. It is also advised that an anti-siphon device is attached to the tank in order to stop the tank from being drained when the tank is turned off. A tank skimming device is also recommended in order to remove any debris which may make its way into the tank. The skimming device will remove the debris which will help reduce the risk of injury to your jellyfish, as jellyfish are very fragile the slightest brush up against a harder or jagged object can very easily injure or possibly even kill your jellyfish.

There are also a variety of lights which you may add to your tank in order to enhance the beauty of your jellyfish as they swim through the water. For those who aren't too sure on keeping real live jellyfish just yet there are actually jellyfish lamps available which are small sized aquarium style lamps which have fake jellyfish swimming around the water with lighting which can be single toned or multi colored.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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