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The great thing about experimenting with decor is that there are almost no limitations to what you can come up with. The depths of your imagination will detail just how far you can go. Some of us love sea-life others so much that they would like to have it in their home, and worked into some kind of illumination design. Sure you may not be the underwater sea lover, but there is no denying that there is physical beauty in these kinds of lights. One that is in mind is the jellyfish lamp.

Jellyfish lamps come in many designs that would go down well with a modern or contemporary kind of decor. In a study room in the house especially as table top chandeliers for the home owners that want something that is both bold and rare. There are double dome designs that are best suited to the aforementioned features. There are others that are inverted or angled and work best when mounted up against a wall instead of free hanging like a chandelier. There are of course the desktop designs which come in mobile aquaria. These are more convenient for mood setting, rather than illumination.

These designs are not limited to one kind of color, like aqua blue per se. The array of colors is huge, since it is supposed to give you variety for your decor. Your illumination needs also dictate the spectrum since abundant light may be needed in one place and not another. As far as the material of make goes with these lamps, glass seems to have the biggest popularity. Forging it is easy, thus creating a masterpiece is not too much of a challenge. In any case, you might want to consider other options, since glass always has fragility issues especially when accidents are common.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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