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Jellyfish Invasion

Jellyfish invasion is a huge issue which has taken several nations by storm. Japan, Australia, and North Carolina the list seems to be endless. Wherever there are sea beaches, Jellyfish seem to have taken over the area with a vengeance.

Though it has become an international issue, yet humans themselves are solely responsible for this major shift in the marine environment. Jellyfish are quite similar to fish in their dietary habits. They require the same food as fish.

Due to an excessive demand for fish, (which again is directly related to the population explosion) there has been extensive over fishing being done in countries all over the world.

The more fishes are caught and killed, the more food these Jellyfish get. Because there are lesser competitors for food, these Jellyfish gorge on the available free food. They have nothing else to do other than feed, grow and multiply.

When this multiplication becomes extensive and uncontrolled, the Jellyfish start moving from the depth of the seas and oceans on to the surface waters. They then get washed on to the shores with the tides and the waves.

Fishermen also are bothered by this acute problem of Jellyfish invasion of the seas. The fishing nets are filled with these creatures and fisher men get quite exasperated with these jelly fish. They can do nothing else, other than throwing these creatures away and try again for the next catch of fish. But the problem has become so acute that it has reached global proportions.

Moreover some of these Jellyfish are easily over two hundred kilos in weight and can cause extensive damage to fishing equipments and the boats in addition to posing a health hazard, due to their poisonous sting,

Japan has become the focus in this Jellyfish invasion, with the local fishing industry losing billions of yens in losses.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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