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The country of Japan is an archipelago, consisting of 3000 islands, located in the Pacific Ocean. The coast lines of Japan are rich in marine life, and it has a well developed fishing industry. Among the varied marine life, the waters surrounding Japan is home to many types of jellyfish. Jellyfish are fascinating creatures, having an array of sizes and colors, and Japan has quite a population in its waters.

The most common species found in Japan's coastal waters is the Chrysaora melanaster, or the Japanese sea nettle, as it is more commonly called. It is in profusion in the summer and spring seasons. The full grown Japanese sea nettle is about 1meter in length and 8 inches in diameter. It has quite a sting and is deadly to small sea creatures. For humans, the sting is rated to be moderate to severe, but is not fatal, and can be neutralized by pouring vinegar on the affected part. The Ninjas of Japan used to dry this toxin and grind it into a powder, to use it as a weapon, as it can irritate the nose and eyes when scattered in the wind.

Another species which is commonly found on the shores of Japan, is the Aurelia aurita or the moon jelly. This jellyfish is composed of more than 95% water, but it has an amazing capacity to heal itself, even if it has got severely injured. Usually it has a length of 6 inches and the umbrella body has a diameter of 1 feet. This jellyfish is now being used by many people worldwide as a pet and can be seen in many private aquariums around the world.

The spotted jellyfish although mainly found in the southern Pacific Ocean, is active in Japanese waters from summer to autumn. This species is called Mastigias papua, and has a brownish color umbrella body with white spots on them. In Japan this jellyfish is known as tako-kurage or the octopus jellyfish, as it has thick tentacles. Algae is said to live in its umbrella body, and produces a type of sugar, which serves as a nutrient for this jellyfish. It has several small mouth openings in its oral arms. It measures about 1feet and 8 inches in length and has a diameter of 6 inches.

The Red Paper Lantern Medusa is an unusual type of deep-sea jellyfish, and looks exactly like the red paper lanterns found hanging on the streets of Japan. This jellyfish has a transparent bell shaped hood measuring 10 centimeters in diameter and 17 centimeters in length. It has 14 to 30 tentacles that are 6 times the length of its body. Inside the hood is a red mantle that can crumple and expand like a paper lantern.

The Nomura's jellyfish are huge in size and invade the coast of the Sea of Japan, every year during autumn. These can grow up to 2 meters in diameter and weigh 200 kilograms. These jellyfish cause a lot of damage to the fishing industry by destroying nets and poisoning other fishes in the catch.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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