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Jellyfish Illustrations

Jellyfish are creatures that live and breathe in water. Jellyfish live in the salt water of oceans and some Jellyfish live in the fresh water of lakes and streams.Jellyfish are not really fish. They do not have backbone like vertebrate animal and called as invertebrate animals.

Jellyfish have nervous systems for sensing the world around them, but no brains.
Jellyfish may be in different colors, shapes and sizes, some may be very small no larger then a marble.

Adult jellyfish are shaped like an open umbrella with tentacles which can be of tens of meters in length and are aesthetically spread down from the edges of a jellyfish's body.
There are Jellyfishes shaped like cabbages, like mushrooms ad also like the Moon. There are amazing varieties of Jellyfish which resemble an egg yolk.

There are a variety of colors too, like the cannon ball Jellyfish which have a smooth and totally rounded surface, which is white or light creamish in color. They do not have tentacles. Instead they have a feeding apparatus which is situated at the lower part of the body. This feeding apparatus is wonderfully colored with a dark maroon color. The overall look of the cannon Jellyfish becomes so breath taking with the cream and maroon combination. Then there are the rainbow or neon Jellyfishes.

Because of this people are fascinated to paint these Jellyfish. There are amazing illustrations of different shapes and sizes of these Jellyfish.

All these varieties and more are illustrated on different websites, and most of them offer free downloads too. There is an extensive collection of illustrations of Jellyfish on and many others.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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