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The jellyfish is the oldest creature on earth, and has been there much before the dinosaur. It has a gelatinous body and is either transparent or has vivid colors according to its species. The jellyfish is a most fascinating creature to watch, with its delicate and graceful movements, and many people would like to keep them in their aquariums. The body of a jellyfish is extremely fragile, as its body mass has only 5% actual solid organic matter. So capturing a jellyfish is difficult, and people trying usually end up injuring or killing them.

Most of the public aquariums are not allowed to provide or sell jellyfish, unless it is to an academic institution. Now there are different private entrepreneurs who have entered into this market and are selling various species of jellyfish, home tank and aquarium systems, lighting equipment, lighting systems, refrigeration systems and food supplies for jellyfish. The most commonly offered jellyfish for sale in the market today is the Aurelia aurita species or the Moon jellyfish as it is commonly known. The methods of raising these type of jellyfish are slowly being perfected, but still their numbers are nowhere near marketable amounts.

It is also not easy to keep a jellyfish and you should first learn how you can maintain them effectively. The jellyfish needs a special tank to hold them, as the open ocean is the only perfect environment for it to survive and breed. The jellyfish is fragile and needs the help of water currents to move around, as jellyfish are not capable of moving horizontally.

Now a tank is available which is designed to meet most of the needs of the jellyfish to survive. The tank is called a Kreisel and has multiple inlets and outlets for water. This provides a gentle and tumbling flow that can keep the jellyfish suspended, like in its natural environment. The tank is designed in a way, so that the jellyfish is not sucked out through the outlet of water. The filtration process of this tank is similar to the coral reef tanks, and has an efficient biological filter. The moon jellyfish requires cold water for its survival, so you will need to attach a refrigeration unit to maintain the temperature in the range of 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

The other important aspect in keeping a jellyfish is its food. In their natural surroundings, jellyfish feed on zooplanktons and crustaceans. Initially it was almost impossible to find a source of substitute food for these creatures. Recently with the new technological developments, substitute food is now being made which meets the requirements of the jellyfish.

The ever increasing demands for pet jellyfish has given an impetus to entrepreneurial interest in providing all that is required for having a jellyfish at home. Many businesses have opened catering to this demand and also jellyfish are available in many fish shops online as well as off-line. People selling jellyfish should make sure that the buyer fully understands the stringent requirements of maintaining a jellyfish. The jellyfish dealer should be reliable and should ensure the safe delivery of the jellyfish. He should also be available to respond, in case there is any trouble and you need expert assistance.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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