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Jellyfish Drawing

Do you consider drawing a Jellyfish to be easy? Well it could be pretty basic, but there is a lot of detail and creativity that goes into drawing a jellyfish.

Let's look at some of the popular techniques that are used,

Traditional drawings - the Artist uses the traditional pencil, charcoal or water colors to draw the most breathe taking paintings.

Drawing a jellyfish aided by the outline of your hand - Draw the outline of your hand on a sheet of paper, Draw legs, spines and tentacles and use any types of colors.

Photoshop - Photoshop is software that is used to edit photographs and create unique and natural drawings. Photoshop picture creations are used in animations and backgrounds for pictures and other types of artwork.

CorelDraw - This is another software source that could be used to create high quality pictures and drawings. The features and effects are endless.

Other software includes, Virtual Pose, ADOBE Illustrator CS4, Paint and DrawPlus.

Some of the free drawing resources that are available online are as follows,

The following free online textbooks is also a resources, Master Class in Figure Drawing by Robert Beverly Hale, The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed, Line and Form by Walter Crane and Outdoor Sketching by Francis Hopkinson Smith

YouTube videos on how to draw include, Gary Geraths drawing from life, Barry Fahr cross contour drawing and Otis College Foundations drawing video library are just to name a few.

Some websites that feature free drawing resources are,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

eBooks are also a readily available source for drawing Jellyfish. Pod casts also available on some sites.

Other than software and online resources that are drawing groups and communities that one can join for help and useful tips.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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