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Jellyfish Decorations

The most popular party theme that uses jellyfish party decor is the popular kids cartoon 'Spongebob square pants'.

Boys and girls raging from the age of 2 - 6 years love to have theme parties. Theme parties are the latest trend. The decor is sometime available at party stores and other party decor has to be simply created by the party organizer. Most often theme parties are handled by event organizers.

Here is a look at some of the unique Jelly fish party decoration that is available in stores and the type that can be created at home.

Jellyfish decorations that are available in stores for a Jelly fish theme party are,

- Jellyfish theme party invitations
- Jelly fish theme party favors
- Jellyfish decor which include light up yo-yos and Jellyfish hats
- Jellyfish paper napkins, plates and plastic cutlery
- Jellyfish shaped pinata
- Balloons with glitter ribbon that represent Jellyfish

It's a lot of fun to make Jellyfish decoration at home than purchase the ones in the stores.

Here are some Do-it-yourself Jellyfish party decoration ideas,

Jellyfish balloons - Use pink balloons, blow them up and attach dark pink, white or see through paper to the tail for the balloon. Hang them in a bunch in a corner of the room.

Paper plate jellyfish - cut paper plates in half and attach paper streamers in pink or purple to resemble tentacles, and sprinkle with a little glitter and hang them all over the room.

Jellyfish using plastic containers - clear plastic are turned over and used as tops. The inside of the clear bowl is painted using a combination of glitter glue. Ribbon is used for the tentacles, which is attached by making holes on the plastic container.

Doilies Jellyfish - paint large white doilies in glitter glue and paint and attach wool strings to the edges to resemble the tentacles.

Who can forget the Jellyfish costumes that should be worn by the guests and the hosts as well?

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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