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Jellyfish Chandelier

This amazing creature, the jellyfish has inspired many artists around the world to create mesmerizing artifacts. Toys, earrings, screen savers, lamps etc., are fine examples of creative artistic work which are jellyfish inspired.

Jellyfish chandeliers hanging in famous restaurants, luxury hotels, conference halls, wedding halls and many other similar places show identical features of living jellyfish to some extent. Their tentacles are produced with many glittering items that produce mesmerizing effect to the environment that was decorated with jellyfish chandeliers.

Timothy Horn, an Australian artist has produced large jellyfish chandeliers that are very popular around the world. Some of his jellyfish chandeliers, Stheno, Eurayle and Medusa were produced with fiber optics, silicone and rubber. The illustrations of famous German zoologist Ernest Hackel who lived in 19th century, have inspired Timothy Horn to create chandeliers that has taken jellyfish shapes.

An artifact belonging to Geraldine Gonzalez, a famous designer from France has produced the Medusa Chandelier. It has been made of crystal paper and costs around $9,100. The double dome chandelier from Joel Bloomberg is another wonderful creation inspired by jellyfish. The standard model has 60-watt fluorescent light while its large version is lit up with a 75 watt bulb. The large version of this jellyfish chandelier has a double number of tentacles than its standard version.

The Moon Jellyfish Chandelier has a steel frame in silver coloring. The bottom of the Moon Jellyfish Chandelier is produced with violet glass beads. The chandelier is 30 inches in height and 16 inches wide. Its chrome chain and the canopy are about 34-inch in height.

Many jellyfish chandeliers have very high price tags. Nevertheless, they are worth the prices when compared with the beauty they create for their environment no matter where they are hung. Jellyfish are amazing creatures, so are the creations inspired by it.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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