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Jellyfish Cairns

If there is one thing Australia is common for it's the diversity of its wildlife, sea life especially. It brags the top spot as housing the world's most poisonous snake, biggest crocodile, and most venomous animal, the box jellyfish which kills more than stonefish, sharks and crocodiles statistically combined, out in the waters. It's really unfortunate when you look at it from the fatalities point of view, but one can't help but appreciate the existence of these creatures. In Cairns to be precise, these jellyfish are common, but not the only ones.

Jellyfish love the Australian waters. The biggest reason is because they are warm and they are salty which makes for the perfect habitat. There are all kinds of jellyfish In Cairns, from the pink kind, to the Portuguese Man O' War which does deliver some painful stings that are excruciatingly painful and uncomfortable. There are other less harmful ones, whose sting would hardly need medical attention. But for the box jellyfish, Chironex fleckeri medical attention is the rule, otherwise there will be a fatality.

Due to the extensive nature of the ocean waters, there are some areas that are generally considered safe for swimming and surfing. But the others in Cairns where Jellyfish are common, and hazardous, the best thing to do is to get out of their way instead of sharing waters with them. Because of their transparency, literally speaking, one would hardly notice one until a sting has been administered.

The Irukandji jellyfish is available in Cairns and it's just as dangerous with its venomous nematocysts. The anti-venom for this species is not as common, though it is generally less dangerous than the box jellyfish, though as lethal. The pain can cause shock, and coupled with the cardio-respiratory effects, a death could be reported if no efforts to rid the venom are taken.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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