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Jellyfish at Home

It is easy to understand why some people wish to keep jellyfish at home as pets. They are such majestic and beautiful creatures. One complication when it comes to keeping jellyfish at home as pets is that Jellyfish are extremely delicate creatures and the slightest amount of contact with their body can cause a significant amount of damage or even death.

In order to keep jellyfish as pets it is very important that you have a good aquarium to house them in. The standards for a tank to keep jellyfish in are rather high. It is required that the walls of the jellyfish tank are of a round shape rather than having any corners as any impact with corners may prove rather damaging or even fatal to the jellyfish. It is very important to ensure that the water flow in the tank will aid the jellyfish in remaining suspended in the water without setting it off balance. A filtration system for a Jellyfish tank requires a filtering system which is much like those found in coral aquariums. Really it depends what species of Jellyfish you have. Proteins in the water need to be constantly removed from the water as they can be quite hurtful to the jellyfish. A regular temperature needs to be maintained in the tank but the exact temperature will vary from species to species.

These temperature requirements may mean that a refrigeration unit is needed to help maintain the correct temperature. Lighting is also another aspect that much be considered. Some jellyfish may need very strong lighting whilst other species may be very sensitive to light. It's important to study your jellyfish species to ensure you provide the right conditions for your jellyfish to survive.

After you have mastered the art of setting up an appropriate tank which is at optimal standards to promote a healthy lifestyle for keeping pet Jellyfish your next task is getting the jellyfish for your tank. It used to be a fact that only government bodies could purchase and sell jellyfish and the idea of having jellyfish as pets for the common person was nothing but a pipe dream.

But today thanks to the developments of jelliquariums, which are specially made aquariums for jellyfish which provide all the necessary environmental aspects to promote a healthy lifestyle for the jellyfish, the idea of keeping jellyfish as pets in your own home isn't that far fetched anymore. Pet jellyfish are not usually found in many pet stores but there are still a number of fish stores and markets online and offline where you can find jellyfish for sale. It is important that you completely understand all the requirements for your jellyfish species so you can provide them with everything they need to survive. Take into consideration the price and habitat requirements for all the available species of jellyfish in order to make a well informed decision. A relatively inexpensive jellyfish may seem like a great idea at first until you discover that it needs alot of equipment for survival which may set you back a sizable sum of money. It is also wise to buy your pet from a dealer who has a well established reputation to ensure that they will deliver your jellyfish in good health and that they will be able to provide you with help and advice if needed.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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