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Jellyfish Artwork

There are plenty of Jellyfish art works available all over the world. Here is a look at some unique and creative artwork.

Jellyfish glass work - Satava Art Glass produces an array of stunning hand-blown and solid forms in glass. Their range of unique Jellyfish in glass is popular among many homemakers and collectors.

Living art jellyfish - Jellyfish tanks are the latest in exotic aquariums and living art. It's a jellyfish aquarium including every accessory for pet jellyfish. Frozen Food is provided. This is a wonderful piece of art that can be used to fill any empty space.

Jellyfish on canvass - There are lots of paintings of jellyfish that is used to decorate the home. The secret is usually in the frames, which range from heavy-duty to hand-made wooden frames.

Jellyfish desktop themes - there are some unique desktop Jelly fish theme that can be downloaded to your desktop. Usually they are free and make a wonderful screen saver for when you are not at your desk.

Jellyfish motifs, clipart and prints - Jelly fish motifs and ClipArt's are freely available and can be down loaded to your desktop to create unique designs and prints. Some of the motifs are used for screen printing on clothes and accessories.

Jellyfish photography - There are several award winning photographers that feature some really unique photographs that are taken underwater. Some of the worlds deadliest and poisonous Jellyfish are featured in these photographs.

Abstract Jellyfish artwork - Using material such as glass, vases, sticks and hundred of other material, artists and sculptures are creating the most unique Jellyfish artwork ever seen. Unique Jellyfish artworks are sold online, stores and antique stores. Their prices and very high due to its custom made nature and no two designs are alike.

3D Jellyfish artwork - Japanese artist as well as European artist specialize in creating a lot of 3D designs. Home makers and art collectors are seen bidding for some of the most intricate and unique Jellyfish.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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