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Jellyfish are Cool

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Jellyfish are Cool

Once upon a time jellyfish were nothing more to us human beings than strange and somewhat pesky little opaque colored gelatinous blobs that frequented our oceans, rivers, streams and lakes. This is no longer the case today as advances in science and technology have provided us with a peak in interest of these marine creatures.

These days jellyfish are even sought after as pets and are constantly under the watchful and inquisitive eyes of researchers and scientists alike. There are many things which we are yet to learn from these majestic sea creatures such as toxicity, which species cause Irukandji syndrome and what other species if any also possess a fatal sting.

Although humans have already discovered hundreds of jellyfish species there are still more lurking in the deep seas that we are yet to find. All jellyfish vary in size, habitat, diet, shape, tentacle numbers and color and patterns. Hours upon hours could be spent trawling the search engines and going from website to website in an attempt to gather as much information as possible on these intriguing sea creatures. This is not only tedious and time consuming but also rather annoying when you discover that most places that claim to hold the details that you are looking for do not in fact have them at all, some do not even mention jellyfish even though you were directed to the site via a link that claims they do.

Well the good thing now is that you don't have to spend hours and hours participating in tedious searches, now all the information you need can be found in one simple place. Ever wondered what the largest jellyfish species is? Which jellyfish has the most toxic and lethal venom in its sting? What color a deep sea jellyfish is? Well all of these questions can be answered at one site, all you need to do to find out the answers to these questions and many more that you may have is to go to the various other sections of our site.

Jellyfish Facts is a great resource of information ranging in topic from jellyfish species to their diets and their stings right down to pet jellyfish. It is very frustrating to be searching the internet over and over again, page by page looking for a website that can provide you with all of the answers you are looking for and then finally find one only to discover that this website requires not only a membership registration but also the added con of a once off of monthly membership fee to view the sites content.

In your quest for knowledge of these fragile invertebrates, our website boasts so many informative articles on individual species as well as an informative area for those people who are considering keeping jellyfish in their own homes as pets. Most people know that jellyfish are really cool creatures and now the coolest place to visit to learn about these awesome marine creatures is our site.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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