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Jellyfish Are Coming

Jellyfish have existed on the earth for millions of years, they have survived on our planet for longer than imaginable, existing before dinosaurs even roamed the earth. It is this extensive survival instinct that has bought the question of what will happen when our waters become overpopulated with jellyfish.

In normal circumstances Jellyfish will come in phases usually depending on the climate. The warmer water temperatures are what attract the jellyfish which is why jellyfish blooms are usually found in the waters in the warmer months. In more recent times though swarms of Jellyfish have been seen much more frequently and not only in the warmer months.

This dramatic incline in jellyfish numbers is an alarming indication of the declining health of our waters due to our ecosystems being very much off balance. As with all animals, jellyfish have predators that swim amongst them, but with the prevalence of excessive global fishing the numbers of these predators are starting to dwindle and the amount of jellyfish is constantly on the rise.

Another contribution to this rise in numbers is the overall health of our planet. With global warming being such an issue and green house gas emissions being substantially high, the temperatures of our water is slowly yet surely rising and jellyfish do in fact prefer these warmer water conditions for breeding. Another issue is that most marine creatures cannot live in waters which are highly polluted and depleted of oxygen such as in coastal regions, the problem here is that Jellyfish are quite happy to live in these oxygen deprived areas and will do so quite happily.

There are many problems which will arise from Jellyfish overpopulation. Jellyfish are primarily carnivorous marine creatures which means that they will not only kill other marine creatures but they will also kill each other. With less sea creatures in the water to compete with the Jellyfish for food, the more attracted the jellyfish will be to areas rich in food supplies.

Overpopulation of jellyfish not only depletes the levels of other sea creatures in our waters but also greatly impacts our fishing industries with more and more jellyfish being caught in trawler nets which requires more labor, damaged netting and a decrease in profits with much more time spent fishing needed in order to reach quotas. With more and more jellyfish in the water the tourism industry will also suffer drastically in many tourist regions throughout the world as beaches will no longer be as appealing when full of jellyfish as they once were when the jellyfish were only prevalent during the warmer months. Not only will tourism take a hit but it will also cause the occurence of jellyfish stings to become much more frequent, when there are more jellyfish in the waters it is much easier for someone to accidently come into contact with them, possibly multiple at a time, and multiple stings may prove extremely painful or even painful to the victim.

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Written by and Sudarsana Sinha.

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